Fly Tying Class | Classic Streamers - 2/17/2024

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  • Date: 2/17/2024
  • Intermediate 
  • Patterns: Marabou Black Ghost, Spruce, Scripture Bucktail



Streamer are known for catching big fish. Learning to tie the streamers in this class will increase your chances of catching a trophy fish. This class teaches the tyer how to use three different materials commonly used for forming the wing of a streamer. The Scripture Bucktail uses bucktail for the wing. The Marabou Black Ghost uses marabou for the wing, and the Spruce streamer uses hackle for the wing. The tier will also learn about different materials used to form the bodies of streamers.

  • Materials and tools provided to students or they can bring their own
  • Classes are meant to be stand alone but can be taken as a series 
  • Classes limited to six people