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Folks have been asking us to develop a line that will give them more distance and offer more control once the line is on the water – and we’ve been listening.
We stretched and tweaked DNA from the popular Scandi Compact until we had a line that would load like the shorter Scandi but with additional length to allow users to form a deeper ‘D’ or ‘V’ Loop and cast farther than ever before.
Designed to take advantage of modern two-handed rods that generate higher line speeds, these heads are perfect for surface and near-surface presentation, and will even turn over sinking Polyleaders when fish aren’t feeding up top. With the new Scandi Long, the opposite bank is now part of the playing field.

Features welded loops on both ends

Front Taper:  The long front taper gently presents surface and near-surface flies on long leaders even at the greatest distances.

Belly:  The moderate length belly gives enough length to reach out on longer casts.

Rear Taper:  The condensed rear taper makes for quick and easy loading and maximum shootability.

Suggested sink tips chart

  • Leaders – Tapered mono leaders in 9′ – 15′ are ideal for floating and near-surface presentations
  • PolyLeaders – PolyLeaders and Scandi Long heads are a great match, offering the widest range of versatility and options.  Any number of lengths and densities are recommended depending on your line size and application.
  • Sink tips:  Sink tips are not recommended for the Scandi Long.
  • Running Lines:  The Scandi Long includes the head only and requires a running line.  Please browse our running line options to see which one suits your purposes.