Estaz Spawn

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Created by Tyler Straight. A huge improvement over Estaz eggs. When tied in this fashion, when wet, it makes for a much more translucent fly.


According to Tyler:

I invented Estaz Spawn several years ago for steelhead. Estaz Spawn is tied just like Sucker Spawn except Estaz is used instead of angora or diamond braid. Estaz is one of my favorite materials for steelhead as it is easy to tie with, bright, and comes in many colors. Estaz Spawn is my go to fly pattern during all water conditions in steelhead alley. Pink is the most effective all year long, while Orange works well during low water in the early fall, and Chartreuse produces best in spring. Where legal, I will fish a tandem rig of two different colored Estaz Spawns. If one color is out producing the other (usually Pink) I will switch to two of the same color.

Tied by Tyler Straight

Tied in the USA!