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Weight Forward - Floating Line


The Technical Taper is designed to be the jack of all trades for the tropical angler. Combining different components of our other tapers, the Technical taper will punch through the wind, deliver long accurate casts and still allow for delicate presentations. No matter what species or situation you come across on the flats, this taper will give you that advantage to confront whatever comes swimming your way.


The Saltwater Master series uses our semi-stiff low-stretch saltwater core. The minimal stretch allows for excellent sensitivity and powerful hook-sets while still allowing to anneal/straighten the line easily with a simple hand stretch. This added stiffness will also help retain the character of the line in extreme heat.


The Saltwater Master uses our advanced STS coating system. With its game changing slickness formula uniformly built into the coating, the slick properties will never wear off, maintaining that superb line shooting ability. STS also reduces salt build-up, extending maximum performance in between cleanings. This line has a subtle green color added to the coating, making it still very subtle and unobtrusive on the water. Giving the angler the advantages of having a stealthy natural color line but with slightly more visibility for tracking your line on the water.

Line Weights

All Saltwater Master - Technical lines are weighted on the heavy side of the true AFFTA standards. You can see the weight ranges in the chart pictured here (weights are measured from the first 30 ft of the head).