Used Gear


We buy and sell used gear, so our inventory tends to cycle. Give us a call at 607-498-4991 or stop by in person for interest or more information. Many of our used rods can be found here.


Fenwick HMG Graphite 9' 6wt $95.00
GFFF906, 2 piece, includes sock and aluminum rod tube, missing butt cap, Made in the USA
Tallon 6'9" 3wt $80.00
Blank built by David Garlock
2 piece, includes rod tube
Thomas & Thomas 9' 7wt $150.00
Blank built by unknown
2 piece, no tube or sock
Vision Big Daddy 9' 8wt $225.00
4 piece, includes Big Dadday Floating Line & tube
March Brown Limited Dr Sousa's Nymphing Machine 10' 5wt $150
4 piece, does not include tube or sock
Vision MAG 11' 3/4wt $187.50
4 piece, includes tube
Redington Red Fly 11'3' 6/7wt $98
3 piece, includes tube and sock
Sage Graphite 8' 5/6wt $175.00
Blank built by David Garlock
2 piece, includes rod tube
Powell 9' 4wt $125.00
Blank built by David Garlock
2 piece, includes rod tube
Orvis Super Fine Trout Bum 6'6" 4wt $275.00
3 piece, includes tube


Clarks Custom Flyrods 8' 6wt $100
Rod company from days gone by out of Ridgewood New Jersey. "Dick Nashel" is written on the blank.
Model #GL 806, 2 piece includes sock and aluminum rod tube.


Shakespeare Wonderod 8'6" 5wt $45.00
3 piece, includes rod tube
Thread wraps are in tough shape.

Fenwick Fenglass 8'3" 8wt $124.97
3 piece, includes rod tube, missing sock
Hardy Glass "The Stream" 7' 3wt $250
2 piece, includes tube


Abbey & Imbrie 9' 6wt Convertable Spin / Fly $135
2 tip (1 spin, one fly), 3 piece, full length
Cast well with a 6 wt, ready to fish but could use some work.

Unknown Maker 8' Spinning rod $145
3 piece, 2 tip, full length

Orvis Special 8'6" 7/8wt $300
Serial 3086, 2 piece, 1 tip, full length, with tube and sock.


Bogdan no 0 RW with reel pouch, excellent conditions $3,500

Edwards Fly Reel no. 40 $30 with box

Bauer M3 7/8 $195 with reel pouch

Fin Nor Direct Drive no.2  $250 with reel pouch


Winston Nexus 9' 4wt 4 pcs $425.00

Diamond Back Clout 9' 6wt 4pcs Fast Action $227.40
missing tube cap
Redington Vapen Red 9' 4wt 4pcs $209.97