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AirFlo Ridge Giant Trevally Intermediate Fly Line

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50lb Core for Brutal GT Battles

The “hit and hold” method of GT fishing experienced on the reef shelves of the Seychelles and other Pacific Islands may be the most demanding job for any fly line to get done.  The unbelievable strength and speed of these ferocious predators, and their uncanny ability to break you off over the reef edge make for a situation setting you up for a rough trip if you don’t go prepared.

Using our legendary Tropical Series lines as the starting point, we extended the front and rear tapers, and added our 50lb Power Core.   Effectively present big flies at any distance and know you have enough under the hood to prevail when chaos ensues.

  • Taper: Aggressive Front Taper
  • Core: 50lb Power Core
  • Range: WF12
  • Coating:
  • Polyleader: Tarpon