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The Airflo Competitor Sinking Fly Lines are 40 yards long and feature a dual rated sinking profile to give you the ultimate sinking fly line - Ideal for pulling or booby fishing tactics.

  • 100% PVC Free
  • TDC Tech
  • Power Core
  • Micro Loop
  • 23 to 78 degrees
  • Total Length 120ft
  • Head Length 46ft

As true masters of sinking line technology, remember we're the guys who created density compensation, low stretch cores and a standardised sink rate system. So its no surprise that we've taken this cutting edge range of lines that little step further.

The Airflo Competitor Sinking Fly Lines were designed to acheive maximum depth, and quickly! They create a great vertical angle that's desired by all boat fishermen - whether you're fishing infront or behind the boat.

Airflo Competitor Di5 - This line features a Di5 (5ips) head with a Di3 (3ips) running line. It's best used in windy conditions where pulling tactics are favoured. Black Head, Green running line.

Airflo Competitor Di7 - This line features a Di7 (7ips) head with a Di5 (5ips) running line. This is a great line for fishing boobies and blobs deep down. Black head, Blue running line.

Airflo Competitor Di8 - The ULTIMATE booby fishing line from a boat, featuring a Di8 (8ips) head with a Di7 (7ips) running line. This line has been designed to get extreme depth, quickly. It fished vertically allowing you to anchor your flies deep in the water column. Black head, Purple running line. Note: This line is heavy to cast.