AirFlo Sixth Sense Sinking 5 Fly Line

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The needs of stillwater anglers can vary significantly from those on streams and rivers.  For a line to be effective in the uniquely challenging world of stillwater fishing, some serious considerations need to be taken in to the design.

The Sixth Sense Sinking line features Airflo’s classic Delta Taper design.  With its long front taper, it will present flies delicately at any distance without overly disturbing the quiet, still water.  Its longer overall length allows for fishing effectively at both long and medium distances.  Our Sixth Sense Sinking lines all feature line markers at 10′ and 20′ as well as the marked “haul zone” to help you know exactly what depth you were fishing when you found the feeding fish.

The Sixth Sense Sinking is available in sizes 5wt to 9wt and features our Power Core technology for positive hooksets and minimal memory.  Available in three sinking densities:  3″ per second, 5″ per second, and 7″ per second to help find that perfect feeding depth.