Airflo Skagit Scout Head

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Extra-compact Skagit Head for one-hand spey and short two-hand rods.


  • As casting with Skagit heads with short two-hand rods and single-hand rods continues to grow in popularity, the need for a line specialized for the task grew with it.
  • The Skagit Scout is the shortest head we have ever produced.  It’s the perfect length for easy casts on your favorite switch rod, compact spey, or one-hand spey rod.  Its extra-compact length requires minimal casting room, opening up water previously un-fishable by longer lines.
  • The Skagit Scout comes in a wide range of sizes from 150gr to 540gr.  As with all Skagit-style heads, it is exclusively designed to be used with a sink tip.  Pair it up with a few of our sink tips (or PolyLeaders for the smallest sizes) to dial-in your favorite fly-swinging fisheries!

    Features welded loops on both ends

    Front Taper:  The aggressive front taper allows for maximum turnover power for sink tip rigs.

    Belly:  The condensed belly minimizes the space needed for easy casting.

    Rear Taper:  The condensed rear taper makes for quick and easy loading and maximim shootability.

    Rigging tips:

    Suggested sink tips chart

    • Sink tips:  All Skagit heads are designed to exclusively be used with sink tips
    • PolyLeaders:  PolyLeaders are too small for all but the smallest size Scout Heads.  They are a good solution for around 240gr and below if using the heavier-size PolyLeaders (salmon and salmon extra-strong)
    • Running Lines:  The Skagit Scout includes the head only and requires a running line.  Please browse our running line options to see which one suits your purposes.

    Taper Design & Features