Fly Tying Class | Classic Wets - 3/30/2024

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  • Date: 3/30/2024
  • Advanced class- experienced tyers
  • Patterns: Leadwing Coachman, Quill Gordon, Hendrickson



With all the hype about dry flies it is easy to forget the effectiveness and beauty of the wet fly. This class will teach the skills necessary for tying three Classic Wet Flies. While the Hendrickson and Quill Gordon both teach the techniques for attaching a wood duck flank wing, the Quill Gordon also teaches how to work with a stripped peacock eye quill. Tying the Leadwing Coachman shows you how to attach duck quill slip wings and introduces a tinsel tag. All three flies teach how to use soft hackle to imitate legs.

  • Materials and tools provided to students or they can bring their own
  • Classes are meant to be stand alone but can be taken as a series 
  • Classes limited to six people