Cortland Competition Nymph Fly Rod

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European-style nymphing is catching on in the U.S. for one very good reason. It Catches fish. The method is straightforward enough. You fish the rod at a 45-degree angler to the water, draping the line and maintaining a relatively tight line from the tip of the rod to the fly itself. The result is a natural, dead (and deadly) drift that all but eliminates leader slack and dramatically improves strike detection. The key, though, is the right rod. It must be long, lightweight and ultrasensitive.

Enter Cortland's Competition rod series. Built from high-modulus, ultrasensitive graphite blanks, our rods are weighted toward the butt to help maintain the optimum 45-degree angle without tiring your wrist. The matte black finish helps dampen vibration to prevent shock waves when presenting the fly. Black, single-foot guides are oversized to ease leader knot transfers for fishing short distances. And the handle is thin, with an ergonomic taper that allows an angler to touch a finger against the blank for strike detection. Four-piece rods. All rods include hook keepers and fighting butts with hard cork bottoms.

Available in Sizes: 9'6' 2 wt., 10' 3 wt., 10' 4 wt., 10'6' 3 wt. and 10'6' 4 wt.