Daiichi 2091 - Alec Jackson Blind-Eye Fly Hook

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This hook is produced to simulate hooks that were popular in early 19th century England. These hooks are described as blind-eye hooks, but the hook has no eye at all, ending in an extended tapered shank. Flies are tied accordingly, with a small loop fashioned of gut as part of the dressing, giving the fly an 1800's look. This method is extremely popular in display full dressed Atlantic salmon flies. Recently, there has been a slight resurgence of the use of these traditional flies for fishing.

When tied using dacron loops for the eye, flies are more lively in the water.


Black finish, curved shank, forged bend, tapered blind eye

Uses: Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon Flies

Sizes: 1.5

Available in 10 or 100 packs