Fishing Dry Flies for Trout on Rivers and Streams by Art Lee

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This richly illustrated how-to book explains in detail the techniques and skills developed by a master who puts in more than 200 fishing days each year.
Highlights include
-the principal parts of a trout stream
-presentation versus fly casting
-a new perspective on "matching the hatch"
-how to master the "game of inches"
-what to look for in dry flies
-and a host of other tactical tips and innovations

In the prose style that made him famous, Art Lee guides you from tackle shop to trout stream, and he never loses the trail. Along the way he shares scores of practical tops aimed at increasing your understanding of trout, their habits and habitat, and of course, hot to catch them while fishing dry flies. Lee candidly cautions against pitfalls that can cost you money and valuable time - time that you'd rather spend fishing - while offering solid alternatives that deliver maximum enjoyment with minimum hassle.