Hatch Guide for New England Streams by Thoman Ames Jr

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New England's streams, and the insects and fish that inhabit them, have their own unique qualities. Their flowing waters support an amazing diversity of insect species from all of the major orders-in fact, at last count, Maine, alone, has 162 species of mayflies, the most of any state. Few, if any, books deal with the insects and life stages specific to New England, until now.

Professional photographer and 'amateur entomology enthusiast' Thomas Ames, explores the insects of New England. Ames covers: reading water; presentations for New England streams; tackle; night fishing; and more. The bulk of this book, however, deals with the insects and the best flies to imitate them. Similar in style to Jim Schollmeyer's successful Hatch Guide series, Ames discusses the natural and its behaviors on the left-hand page and the three best flies to imitate it on the right, including proper size and effective techniques.

Tom's color photography of the naturals and their imitations is superb, making this book as beautiful as it is useful. A must for all New England fly-fishers!

This is a great pocket reference any angler and one of our best sellers in the shop!

4 x 6 inches, 272 pages, all color, Softcover

ISBN: 1-57188-210-3