Kathy Scott

Headwaters Fall As Snow by Kathy Scott

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In Headwaters Fall as Snow Kathy Scott takes us on a tour of a snow-covered North Woods in search of the truth that only a life of simplicity can reveal. Along with her life companion David and dog Kodiak, Kathy shares with us the special time that falls between the end of one fishing season and the beginning of another. Her words are easy and relaxing. We catch a glimpse of frozen ponds, crippling ice storms, frolicking mink and emerging frogs of spring skillfully accented by the contemplative pursuit of crafting a split bamboo rod. It is here where the headwaters are born which eventually rush into our rivers as melted snow, and, ultimately, flow into our dreams. This is a world that many of us will never experience unless we are taken there by a friend who writes with a devoted sense of place, a wonderful place, in fact, where we all feel welcome.

- Jerry Kustich

Each book is signed by Kathy Scott

ISBN: 0-9657663-3-0, Hardcover