HMH Exhibition Vise Package

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The Exhibition Vise has all the same great features as the HMH Standard - infinite head angle adjustment, ultra smooth 360degree rotary action, hand polished stainless steel chassis, smooth disc drag rotary tension adjustment, quick change jaw feature and pure good looks.  We've dressed the Exhibition out with a finely polished, solid brass base and our large nickel plated cam lever.

We certainly don't stop there with this package. The Exhibition Vise comes complete with all three HMH jaws (Micro, Omni, and Magnum), our tube converter tool (converts your vise into the best in-line rotary tube vise available), bobbin rest, profile plate, c-clamp and Fishpond Road Trip Tyer's Bag.

In other words, everything you need to tie any size, type and style of fly. The rest is up to you.

  • Micro, Omni and Magnum Jaws 
  • Tube Converter Tool 
  • Large Nickel Plated Locking Cam Lever 
  • Solid Brass Pedestal Base 
  • C-clamp Kit
  • Bobbin Rest
  • Profile Plate
  • Fishpond Road Trip Tyer's Bag 
  • Optional Engraving on Brass Base (call)* 
  • Jealous Fly Tying Friends
  • Lifetime Guarantee