Memories of the Miramichi - Atlantic Salmon Fishing Miramichi River Fish with the Legends of our Sport

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Fly Fishing Movie DVD; Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended). Run time approx. 35 minutes Here's the best of Atlantic Salmon angling - the river, the fish, the anglers. In true and entertaining adventure, explore the 65 miles of the Miramichi from Boisetown to tidewater by air. Features a 4-day canoe voyage. Includes Joan Wulff, Lee Wulff, Charlie DeFeo, Ed Zern, & Ted Williams. Run by canoe the 65 miles of the Miramichi from Boisetown to tidewater, pool by pool, catching salmon as you go, with boatmen Dewey Gillespie and Vince Swazey. Visit anglers and the riverside highlights. Fly at 500 feet to explore this majestic river and it's setting in New Brunswick. Myths, legends, and even some true stories will have you heading North next July for the fine Atlantic salmon fishing of the SW Miramichi