Package Special - Fenwick Fenlite Salt / Echo Bravo Outfit

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We have taken the confusion out of buying a saltwater outfit.

A saltwater setup needs hardware more durable then your standard freshwater outfit. Saltwater is especially rough on reels and a saltwater safe reel will last much long and perform much better day to day then a reel designed for freshwater.

There is also the question on where you are fishing. Anglers in warm water fisheries need lines that stiffer and go too limp in the warm waters of the south. Here in the northeast, we need lines the mange the cooler water temps and don't want a stiff line that will have too much memory.

Unlike most freshwater fisheries, floating lines are not the norm. Most of the time, an intermediate line is far more practical then a floating.

So we have built an outfit that can be setup for either kinda fishery and is available in rod weights for almost any saltwater target.

Outfit includes...

Fenwick Fenlite Salt Rod

Echo Bravo Reel

Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Intermediate (Coldwater)


Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper Intermediate (Warmwater)


*Line color may vary!