Rising - Coil Leash

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10″ long stretches to 6′. American made delron clips will not scratch tools, or transfer rust. Great lesh for tools, nets, or children.

Our 9mm diameter coil leash is the best we have had made. It’s 10″ long with welded loops on each end and features a unique delron clip that does not scratch your tools or rust. We primarily use our leashes to attach to the Lippa4Life when we are not wearing the holster, but have also used it to hold 12″ pliers when we’re on boats leaning over to release fish. Those of you using a net will find it stronger and with better rebound than any you’ve used or seen in the past.


  • Stretches to give you extra reach and ease of mind that your tools are tethered and safe.
  • Recoils back to size for storage and to stay out of the way when not in use.
  • Delron clip to attach to tools and prevent scratching or rust damage.
  • Unconditional Warranty