Rising - Fly Tying Kit

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Fly Tying Kit Includes:

  • Stellar Scissor – 4″ fly tying scissors with hand tuned tips and one blade with micro-serrations for cutting the toughest synthetics to trimming deer hair.
  • Kelly Galloup TieUp Dubbing Tool – created for fly tying legend Kelly Galloup, we have made his favorite tool for dubbin loops and picking out materials all in one. Made in the USA
  • Threada – knurled aluminum handle with two wires for threading bobbins or hooks. Made in the USA.
  • Stout Bodkin – custom handle to fit your hand comfortably,  built with a strong needle, made to roll in a circular motion to keep it on your tying table. Made in the USA.
  • Stubby Sheppard – a lighter and shorter style dubbing loop tool with a different style sheppard hook compared to the Galloup tool. Made in the USA.
  • Simple Hackle Holda – its simple and it works, tension from the wire allows you lock onto hackle with the rubber dipped ends. Made in the USA.
  • Coaster with Mickey’s Bead Chart – everyone likes to have a beverage or two when tying, so might as well have the coolest coaster in thew world with a chart to match your beads with the correct hook size. Made in the USA.