Rising - Ultralight 6" Forcep w/ Scissors

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Ultralight pliers by Rising: 3-Click lock, internal spring, attachment hole, large serrated scissors, and flat tapered tips.


The Ultralight Pliers have been a staple for us since 2006. In 2010 we improved the original design by replacing the external spring with an internal one and augmented operating tension. The Ultralight Pliers are an angler favorite for steelheading and those colder times where gloves are preferred on the water.


    • Smooth Tapered Tips – for easily de-barbing everything from steelhead hooks to micro-midges.
    • Serrated Scissors – to cut any size line or tippet, or mid-session fly modification
    • Internal Spring – excellent operating tension in your hand. This is a significant design difference. Our pliers want to be open, which makes them more responsive in your hand and easier to use.
    • Angled Tips – to facilitate de-barbing hooks down to 20-22.
    • Attachment Hole – for those of you who like their pliers on a leash.
    • Eyelet Cleaner – to clear out the eye of the hook.
    • Individually Quality Controlled and improved at our HQ in Utah.
    • Unconditional Warranty!