Stripping Guards

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When you cast and strip big flies on big water, wouldn't you like to get a little more distance and stop cutting a groove into your stripping finger?

STRIPPING GUARDS are durable Lycra finger sleeves that fit like skin. Wear one on your stripping finger and the first and third finger of your line hand, or simply experiment with what works best for you.

STRIPPING GUARDS reduce fly line friction over wet hands so much that you can expect longer, smoother casts, and you will eliminate stripping cuts altogether. This is especially useful in large rivers and in salt water.

You can push the
STRIPPING GUARDS down to the base of your hand when changing flies and just pull them back up for casting. They stay comfortably and firmly in place all day long, and unless you look, you will never know they are on your fingers.

STRIPPING GUARDS are packaged in a convenient reusable storage box.