Tenkara Rod Co. The Owyhee Package

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This package comes with everything you need to get fishing.

The Owyhee Rod: Whether you're trying to get to that hole that seems just out of reach or are in search of some bigger fish the Owyhee may be your rod. The Owyhee is Tenkara Rod Co's biggest rod yet. It is ultra-light weight with a very precise action. The swivel tips included on the tenkara rods also help keep your line from getting tangled. This rod is finished with a custom colorful design that wont disappoint.

Specs: 13 ft Closed Size: 21.5 inches Segments: 9 Grip Length: 11 inches

The line: Tenkara Rod Co. Lines are hand-crafted with single strand construction and a 2mm nickel alloy tippet ring. They are non-tapered, but perfectly weighted to cast with the rods. They are available in 10.5' and 13' lengths.

A line spool: A must have! Great for quickly winding your line when getting to that next great spot is important. These spools are designed for tenkara rods and are just big enough to make winding your line simple and quick. The notches on the spool make it easy to attach flies and the foam core helps dry your line if necessary. It also floats!

3 hand tied flies: One of each of 3 favorite flies.

5x tippet: A 30 meter spool of 5x tippet made by Rio.