Tenkara Rod Co. The Mini Sawtooth Package

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Small, lightweight, and beautifully crafted from high quality carbon fiber.  The Mini Sawtooth package comes with everything you need to fish.  Comprised of 10 sections and weighs 1.1 ounces.  When collapsed it is just under 14 inches and when expanded reaches 8 feet 8inches (264.2cm).  The Mini Sawtooth is a fantastic rod for catching smaller fish.  Its go anywhere capabilities allow you to test it out wherever you are.  We recommend fishing for fish up to 1 pound.  But don't worry about how small it is, the rod comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything happens, we will get you taken care of.


-Pocket Sized, can go anywhere with you

-Collapsed length:  13.5 inches

-Expanded length: 8 feet 8 inches

-Weight: 1.1 ounces

-Includes: Rod, line, flies, line clips, 5x tippet, rod sock, and rod tube

Warranty: Lifetime warranty!