Thunder Creek Flies : Tying and Fishing the Classic Baitfish Imitations by Keith Fulsher

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Based on Keith Fulsher's original Tying and Fishing the Thunder Creek Series published in 1973, the new Thunder Creek Flies is a completely revised and updated edition of the fly-tying classic, with nearly twice as many patterns and excellent color photographs by David Klausmeyer to demonstrate the unique Thunder Creek style of tying baitfish imitations. New materials and tying techniques make it easier to create sleeker, better-swimming, and more sparsely-dressed flies that look and act like real baitfish. With detailed information on materials used to construct the twenty-two freshwater flies and six saltwater designs, descriptions of the specific baitfish they imitate, and large glamour shots of each pattern, this book showcases some of the most effective flies an angler can use. You can fish the Thunder Creek flies throughout the year in all water conditions. In fresh water, trout, landlocked salmon, and bass will aggressively strike Thunder Creek flies, while striped bass, bluefish, mackerel, false albacore, and bonito readily take saltwater patterns.