To Be Forever Wild - DVD

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A film by David Becker

To Be Forever Wild, created in New York's Catskill Mountains, is a stunning documentary that captures the esesence of the region known as America's First Wilderness. More than a portrait of a place, the film inspires people to reconnect with nature no matter where they happen to be. Director David Becker (The Wavy Gravy Movie, Small Steps: Creating the High School for Cotemporary Arts) and his crew encounter many illustrious Catskills explorers along the way: Tom Alworth (NY Dep. Comissioner for Natural Resources), Ellen Kalish (Ravensbeard Wildlife Center), Jim Crul (Catskill Fly Fishing Center), Mary Dette-Clark (world renowned fly-tier), Michael Kudish (Natural Historian), Mark Ruffalo (actor and anti-fracking activist), Robert Titus (geologist), and Dave and Carol White (hiking guidebook authors). Join them on a surprising and exhilarating journey through nature, history, science and adventure.