Trout Fishing in the Catskills by Ed Van Put *SIGNED*

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Ed Van Put begins this important new book with the history of native brook trout and offers little-known details about their sizes, abundance, and demise from over-fishing, the growth of streamside industries, and the introduction of competitive species. He records the attempts to restore the depleted fishery by restocking streams with hatchery-bred trout, and then the introduction of rainbow trout from California and brown trout from Europe, and their impact upon Catskill trout fishing. Throughout, this is a history of people and methods as well as rivers, and there are profiles of Theodore Gordon, Art Flick, Harry and Elsie Darbee, Sparse Grey Hackle, and more. No serious trout fisherman, in any part of the country, will want to miss this pioneering portrait of a seminal region in American angling history.

This is the best book on the history of trout fishing in the Catskill. The time Ed spent researching this book was truly worth it and he goes in the great detail like no other. Each copy is signed by Ed.

ISBN: 9781602390492