Vedavoo Super Fly Wallet

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A modern tradition. A hefty patch of premium Shearling fleece for streamers, and three core pockets for leaders, heads, and other key gear, a solid piece of gear for any angler.

Our take on a traditional standby, the SUPER FLY WALLET is a luxury home for streamers - with a bed of Ÿ" Wyoming raised, premium shearling fleece. But it's more than that. We wanted the wallet to be able to carry other important gear too - so we added in two spring-closure pockets for anglers to use to also store leaders, tips, weight, indicators, car keys, tools, a couple tippet spools, etc. A third pocket rests behind the fleece patch to give you another place to tuck in important gear.

True minimalists can carry one, and have everything they need.

Built using 1000 Denier American woven Cordura, and fully lined with 500 Denier American Cordura, each wallet is hand built in the USA to last so it can be passed down for generations to come.