Virtual Nymph Polywing

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Polywing makes realistic wing buds for all aquatic nymphs. Simple to use and very real. Polywing is the flytyers first choice when it comes to making durable and realistic wing buds. Poly Wing is waterproof, resistant to tearing and accepts permanent colour marker pens for matching the hatch with excellent opacity. Poly Wing makes ideal wing buds for the following aquatic insects; Stoneflies - Emerging Sedge Pupa - Stone Clinging Mayfly Nymphs - Swimming & Darting Mayfly Nymphs - Damsel Nymphs.

How to use Polywing;

Draw the shape you require on the Polywing and then simply cut out the shape. Colour and tie in. Polywing is waterproof and long lasting. 2, 5 x 2inch sheets per packet.