Virtual Nymph Stoneclinger Head and Wing Plates

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Due the distinctive shape of these nymphs, flytyers find it hard to imitate. Using Stoneclinger Head and Wing plates now make tying these insets very easy and they look very realistic.

How to use Stoneclinger Head and Wing Plates;

After you have tied in you tails and body select the correct size head and wing plate. Cut it out using either scissors Tie in upside down over the hook eye. Tie in your 6 legs then fold over and secure with glue or epoxy resin. Although Stoneclinger head and wing plates are made using a tough water proof polymer, they can be coloured to Match the Hatch with permanent marker pens. Sealing the wing buds and head with a matt varnish or glue will help the general aesthetics and also protect them for longer use on rivers & streams.


4mm - 5mm - 6mm