Vision Mag Fly Rod

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The fastest of all Vision rods. These tip action, four piece rods will surprise you with their great balance and looks. The blanks are made using the latest Japanese high modulus graphite and all components are nothing but the best. The series consists of four 9' rods, five 10' and three 11' rods to cover a wide range of fishing situations. Metallic olive finish with some small orange details will make these rods to differ from the mass.


Nine footers were designed to be first-class all-around rods for traditional river and lake fishing for those who like fast tip action rods for their dry fly and nymph fishing. They have half wells handles except the heaviest 6/7 rod which has a full wells handle and a small fighting butt.


Longer 10' rods were initially designed for two main purposes: lighter rods for short line long leader river fishing in competitions (and elsewhere) and heavier classes especially for the demanding stillwater and reservoir fishing (multiple flies, long leaders, etc). All of them have full wells handles (lighter classes smaller ones) and 6/7 and 7/8 class rods have additionally a small fighting butt which might come handy if you happen to hook a real monster.


Then even longer 11' rods were designed with nymphing in mind. These light weight rods allow the tightline nympher to feel everything at the same time able to turn over heavy to light weight multiple fly rigs with light tippet and be able to effectively land big fish.


Line Weight Length Weight Pcs Grip FB
3/4 9' 2.9oz 4 HW no
4/5 9' 3.0oz 4 HW no
5/6 9' 3.1oz 4 HW no
6/7 9' 3.5oz 4 FW yes
3/4 10' 3.3oz 4 sFW no
4/5 10' 3.6oz 4 sFW no
5/6 10' 3.6oz 4 sFW no
6/7 10' 4.2oz 4 FW yes
7/8 10' 4.3oz 4 FW yes
2/3 11' 3.3oz 4 CS no
3/4 11' 3.3oz 4 CS no
4/5 11' 3.5oz 4 CS no

FB - Fighting Butt, HW = Half Wells, FW = Full Wells, sFW = Small Full Wells, CS = Cigar Shaped