Vision Switch Double Handed Fly Rod

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Don't laugh before you try one. These rods are here to stay. They are extremely versatile, no matter if you fish on rivers or at the sea. With Switch rods you have the benefits of casting like a double hand rod but working the fly like with single hand rods, a real benefit in many fishing situations. These rods with modern shooting heads give you an opportunity to fish certain places much more efficiently compared to if you fished them with long double hand rods or normal single handed rods. Can you imagine yourself wading deep, steep canyon with overhanging trees behind you and you should be able to launch the cast of 30meters? Of course it's possible with other type of rods too, but with Switch rods you can make it so much easier! These rods are getting more and more popular on coastal fishing too and they are really handy on bigger trout rivers.


These rods have nice wood insert reelseats and their other components are also chosen river fishing in mind.


Line Weight Length Weight Pcs
6 wt / 23g 10'11 6.2oz 4
7 wt / 26g 10'11 6.4oz 4
8 wt / 29g 10'11 6.6oz 4