50% off - Vosseler DC Spool

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No question, this gem satisfies the fisherman's highest demands in the disciplines: Dry fly fishing, light saltwater fishing orjust standing in the showcase and looking great!

Perfect drag system,

Timeless 5-spoke-design,

Discreet escapement system,

Finest surface finish.

Good looking and useful.

This reel convinces every enthusiastic fly fisherman by its every day qualities: high resistance and strong workmanship.

Just what you can expect a straightforward high-tech product to perform.


DC2: 3/4wt., 4.5oz, 55 yards backing, (20lb)

DC3: 5/6wt., 5oz., 80 yards backing, (20lb)

DC4: 7/8wt., 5.75oz, 110 yards backing, (20lb)