Vosseler RCL Large Arbor Spool

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This version of the classic RC-reel is equipped with a large-arbor spool.

The enlarged diameter of the spool does not only give a filigree look to that classic beauty but is well-thought-out.

The change in leverage supports a smooth start under load, while reducing the so-called memory-effect of fly lines. They are wound around the reel-core in a considerably extended dimension,however with less turns. For a perfect combination of minor starting resistance
and faster recoiling.

No damage-prone gadgets, optical understatement. The use of finest materials Just a reliable partner for light fishing on trout and grayling.

Just right for puristic fly fishermen.

The RC-series is simplicity itself. No decoration, no bric-a-brac, no sensitive parts.

It works without a brake system and therefore it is ideal for beginners and for cool-keeping big-fish catchers alike.

One of its characteristics is the smooth run of its steel center. Within a few seconds,
this reel will be mounted or dismounted without using any tool.

The anodized aluminum RC-reels are available in several combined colors.

All are equipped with fine wood handles. Indeed, this is pure understatement.

A reel of the RC-series is an absolute highlight and any beautiful rod should sport one.

The price for this completely "Made in Germany" precision reel is really attractive.

RCL2: 3/4wt. recommended 4.5 oz.

RCL3: 5/6wt. recommended 4.8 oz.