Vosseler S Spool

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“S" like “splendid and incredibly good"

or “suitable for fishing in saltwater “ or the noise you hear, if someone tries to pull 
the line against the drag. He will be wondering. About this smooth start without 
jerking about that never-ending drag that no big fish may resist.

In hard day by day challenges and no matter under what conditions, this excellent 
reel masters catching large-volume fishes. If two-hand casters in Iceland, on the 
banks of the “Mörrum river" in Sweden or the “Orkla river" in Norway do give any 
thoughts to their S-reel, then we made everything right.

This reel functions reliably without constantly working. 
That is what we expect it to do - and it can do.

So, don't look at your reel but concentrate to your pool or to the salmon run right ahead.

You will hear it in time: “Sssssssssst".......



Line Size



S1.5 #7/9
S2 #8/10
S3 #10/12