Whiting Farms - Coq de Leon Versa Pack

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Coq de Leon rooster are large birds with glossy feathers and long barbs. They offer a wide range of uses, but excel in few areas. The spade feathers along the side edges make great dry fly tailing. The long barbs make great collars on streamers, wets, bass and saltwater flies.

The feathers running down the middle are suitable for streamer wings. For a two tone effect, put them over a pair Whiting American rooster cape feathers. The webby American cape feather's color shows through the glossy, thinner barbed, less webby Coq de Leon feather for some unique results.


Coq de Leon roosters are the oldest genetic chicken line bred for fly tying feathers. Dating back several hundred years, these roosters have traditionally been bred only in Spain. Since the mid-1990's, Whiting Farms has continued the tradition by raising authentic Coq de Leon rooster stock from Spain. Whiting Farms is the only commercial breeder of Coq de Leon outside of Spain.