*SIGNED* Traveling with Winslow Homer by Robert J Demarest

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Traveling with Winslow Homer is a refreshing, scholarly look at America's most respected and yet least understood artist. The author takes the reader on a journey of discovery, visiting many of the places made famous by Homer in his wonderful watercolors and oils. Demarest compares the venues Homer rendered on paper and canvas with the same places seen through the lens of the author's camera. A respected artist and sportsman in his own right, Demarest painstakingly compares each pair of portraits, illuminating the skill that Homer applied to each venue as he re-arranged the composition to suit his exquisitely well-honed artistic sensibilities. In addition, Demarest offers us insight as to the true nature of the artist, himself, by presenting compelling new evidence that Homer was not the reclusive misanthrope others would have us believe, but rather, he was a sportsman, interested in the outdoors, and in particular, fishing. Traveling with Winslow Homer will undoubtedly change forever the way America and the rest of the world views this distinguished painter/angler.

ISBN: 0-9700027-4-2, Softcover
Each book is signed by Robert Demarest