Daily Fishing Report

October 18th - Area Overview

The following rivers/sections are closed for the season:

Willowemoc Creek above Parkston Bridge
Beaverkill above Route 206 Bridge
East Branch Delaware above Shinhopple Bridge
West Branch Delaware above border water (1.7 miles below Hale Eddy Bridge)
Neversink River
Nearly all tributary rivers. 

The Beaverkill, Willowemoc and East Branch below these sections are open until November 30!


Water temperatures are in the low 50's or 40s across the board.

We received some much needed rain. It has risen the area streams quite a bit but starting to recede. Better late than never!

Hatches are currently October Caddis (8 - 10) Isonychia (12 - 14), Dorotheas (16, 18) Cinnamon Caddis (16),  Blue Wing Olives (18+), Tricos (22+), Midges (22 - 24), Pink Ladies (14), White Flies (12 - 14) Beetles and Ants.

Beaverkill / Willowemoc Rivers

The Beaverkill & Willowemoc are high and turbid. It peaked Thursday at almost 5000cfs. Currently it's down to 1600. Still too high to wade but there is decent flows for wading on the East Branch around Harvard and the border water on the West Branch is plausible.

While the water is off color and with the temperatures dropping streamers are not a bad sign. No report yet if the fish are looking up in the dirty water.

Upper East Branch of the Delaware River

The East Branch has a release of 82.9 cfs. The flow at Harvard is 565 cfs at 48.5 degrees and clearing. This is definitely wadeable and going to continue to drop. This is a great floating flow and nearly ideal for streamer fishing.

BWO hatches have been pretty good in the afternoon evening.

 Sulphurs, BWO's and Isonychias are the tickets.

Lower East Branch of the Delaware River

The Lower East is 2,980 cfs and 49 degrees at Fishes Eddy. This is too high to wade and but getting to be a better flow to float.

Nymphing has been productive before the rain on a mix of stoneflies, iso's, smaller mayfly nymphs and caddis pupas.

Afternoon and evening has offered olive activity as well. 

West Branch of the Delaware River

The West Branch release is 175 cfs at 56 degrees while the flow at Hale Eddy is 709 cfs at 50 degrees. The reservoir is turning over so the west is very discolored and dirty. This rain also made the turbidity worse with the runoff. Great streamer conditions and down to a wadeable flow although on the high side.

BWO's in the afternoons.

Main Stem of the Delaware River

The main stem is at a great flow for floating but will probably not be an acceptable flow to wade for a few days at least. Great for streamer fishing in the turbid water but I would not rule out rising fish if a good hatch comes off. 

Probably the best area to look for BWO's in the afternoons. Also been productive on big stone fly nymphs, caddis pupas and smaller mayflies.


Neversink Report


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