Daily Fishing Report

April 2nd - SEASON OPENER!


OPEN but not open... COVID-19

We have had to rethink the way we do everything the last 2 weeks and are starting to find are rhythm. We will continue to do everything we can to support our customers. We are not open to for walk-in traffic! We are offering setup curbside pick-up, local delivery or ship our order with USPS or UPS. You can place your order right on this website!

We have had a lot of calls about traveling to the area. We are asking anglers to not travel outside their local fisheries. A good rule of thumb is to fish within your county. Until the situation changes, please don't travel! Take it as a chance to discover or rediscover a local fishery or pursue a new species.

Guide trips, lessons and events for the month of April have all been cancelled or postponed. We will be making a decision about the first half of May in the coming weeks. The health and safety of our guide and instructors comes first to us.

Keep in touch! Feel free to reach out to us, phone, email, social media, mail a letter, I think we still have a fax machine somewhere... Anyway we can't be there in person but we can still be connected!

Take care of each other and have a great season!



Area Overview

The reports from yesterday were not too bad. Quite a few anglers caught fish, mostly on streamers, but getting on the water was therapeutic in it's own way.

We are going into the fishing season at the end of a mostly mild winter. Water flows are around the average. The snow has mostly melted and the ground thawed, save for a few spots in the head waters.

There has been some rising fish on flat pools. Wind is the great enemy this time of year when it comes to rising fish. Swung flies and streamers have also been effective, but the season always starts off with a lot of work for the reward.

Hatches are currently Black Stones (14 - 8), Blue Winged Olives (20 - 22), Midges (20 - 24).

Beaverkill / Willowemoc Rivers

Beaverkill is on the high side, but manageable in spots. Willow is a little better, more so as you go upstream.

Stone flies are around as are small olives. A few rising fish have been seen / caught but subsurface fishing has been working better.



Upper East Branch of the Delaware River

Flows are looking good to open the season! The upper sections generally starts stronger then the lower areas. Very early hatches in first few miles below the dam... fishing responding to them is another issue. Streamer and swung flies are safe bets if nothing is going on.

Lower East Branch of the Delaware River

High for wading fishing, but a great flow to float. Warmer then most parts of the system but often a little slow to pickup in the Spring.

West Branch of the Delaware River

A little on the high side, but very wadable in most places. The sections around Deposit are very constitant on opening day. One would expect small olive and stone flies. The lower river, while warmer is often great for streamers and swung flies. Hatches are a little more hit or miss, but can very good.

Main Stem of the Delaware River

Wading is limited, like most opening days. A great floating option and there has been some limited surface activity! Not a bad place to swing for post spawn rainbows!

Neversink Report

Your best option is up near the dam. The flows increase as you go downstream and the most ideal range is the first few miles. The lower area is a limited in wading, but a very normal flow to start the season.

The Neversink hatches lead the other Catskill rivers. Expect Quills Gordons and Blue Quills very soon.

Espous Report

Flows look good to start the season. I'm sure Espous Creel would give you accurate report if you ask them!