Daily Fishing Report

May 23th - Area Overview 

Mostly cloudy, current temperature is 57 degrees. The forecast today calls for a high of 67 degrees, with the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm.

We are between the peaks of the two major May hatches. Hendricksons are on their left leg, but are still continuing to hatch, most of all in the upper sections of the system. March Browns are on the Neversink and Main Stem but still is small numbers. They are offering very good nymph fishing, even though the flows are not ideal in a lot of places. Caddis are around most of the day and offering egg laying in the evening.


Hatches are currently a few March Browns (8 - 10), Tan Caddis (16 - 18), Apple Caddis (14), Shad Caddis (16), Hendricksons (12 - 14) / Red Quills (14), Blue Quills (18), Yellow Sallies (14 - 16), Little Black caddis (18) and midges (22 - 24).

Beaverkill / Willowemoc Rivers

The Beaverkill and Willowemoc are clear and wadeable. The flow at Cooks Falls is 616 cfs with a water temperature of 54.1 degrees. This is the first time in long time that we are seeing great flows all along the Beamoc.

Hendricksons and Apple Caddis are still hatching in the upper sections while Tan Caddis are down low.

Upper East Branch of the Delaware River

The East Branch has a release of 728 cfs. The flow at Harvard is 835 cfs at 46.5 degrees and clear. This flow is back to good wadeable levels, most of all below Shinhopple.

Hendrickson are still above Shinhopple. Shad and Apple Caddis are hanging around the lower half of the river with some Tan mixed in.

Lower East Branch of the Delaware River

The Lower East is 1,790 cfs at 52.5 degrees at Fishes Eddy and clear. We are back in a great flow for wading. The caddis have produced good fishing. March Browns are showing more and more as are some Sulphurs.

West Branch of the Delaware River

Over on the West Branch the release / spill is 2,060 cfs with the flow at Hale Eddy is 2,550 cfs at 47.3 degrees and clear. This is a good flow for floating but still too high to wade.

Been consistently good dry fly fishing most days. Lots of boat traffic and too high to wade in most spots.

Main Stem of the Delaware River

The main stem is back to a safe floatable level. March Browns and tan caddis are showing up but March Browns and Sulphurs are still sparse.

Neversink Report

The Neversink currently back to a good wadeable flow. Look for March Browns and Sulphurs with tan caddis mixed in.

Tan Caddis and evening spinner falls have been the bulk of the activity. March Browns are on the lower sections of the river along with Tan Caddis.

Espous Report