Daily Fishing Report

August 19th - Area Overview 

*Conditions have not been changing this summer. Unless we get some substantial rain the report will stay mostly the same until the fall.

Mostly sunny with a high of 83. Possible thunderstorm.

Temperatures have been high. The Beaverkill started today at 68 degrees. It has been breaking well into the mid 70s throughout the day. 

It's going to be warm at night throughout the week as well so temperatures may continue to climb as flows continue to fall.

Please be wary of water temperatures.

Hatches are currently Isonychia (8 - 10), Sulphurs (14, 16),  Dorotheas (16, 18) Tan Caddis (16 - 18),  Blue Wing Olives (18+), Tricos (22+), Yellow Sallies (14 - 16), Midges (22 - 24), Cahills (12,14) Pink Ladies (14) Beetles and Ants.

Beaverkill / Willowemoc Rivers

The Beaverkill is flowing at 217 and is continually dropping. Temperatures are very high. With how high temperatures are starting in the morning, conditions are not favorable. The Willowemoc is also starting out around 65 degrees in them morning. If looking to fish the Willow, stick to mornings or head upstream to Debruce or higher where the temperatures will stay a few degrees cooler.

Isonychias have been hatching intermittently providing good prospecting with big dry flies as well as nymphing. The evening has offered good activity and spinner falls of some of the larger bugs as well as sulphurs. The inonychia nymphs have offered some excellent nymph fishing as of late, as well as some smaller sulphur nymphs.

Upper East Branch of the Delaware River

The East Branch has a release of 144 cfs. The flow at Harvard is 200 cfs at 60 degrees and clear. Sulphur and BWO hatches have been pretty good and this is a great option besides the West Branch during peak daytime temperatures.

Too low to float. Sulphurs, BWO's and Isonychias are the tickets.

Lower East Branch of the Delaware River

The Lower East is 416 cfs and 69 degrees at Fishes Eddy. Temperatures are high! Please check temperatures before considering fishing

Sulphurs are the main hatches. Isonychia are around and offering some spinner falls in the evening, as well as sulphur and BWO spinners.


West Branch of the Delaware River

The West Branch release is 510 cfs at 50 degrees while the flow at Hale Eddy is 785 cfs at 55 degrees and clear. This is the best option in the system with the most consistency, water and room to fish. Sulphurs and BWO's are hatching throughout the day as well as Isonychias.

Main Stem of the Delaware River

The main stem is at a great flow for wading, however temps are starting off above 70. The first couple miles below the junction may be cooler because of the west branch influence. The upper stretches are a viable option in the mornings temperatures considering.


Neversink Report

The Neversink is clear and wadeable the flow at Bridgeville is 167 cfs at 64 degrees.

Espous Report