Daily Fishing Report

February 23rd, 2024

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Area Overview

Livingston Manor, Friday February 23rd, 12pm.

After a brief dip down into the 20s tomorrow we'll see temps jump back up into the 40s and hold there for a bit, which will be a welcome change as we head into March. 

As water temps begin to warm soft hackles will become increasingly more effective. They do a great job of imitating a variety early season insects like midges, small stoneflies, and the little black caddis that can begin to show themselves after a good thaw. We could see a few early Black Stoneflies (16-18) about over the coming weeks, so if your looking to get out with the hopes of dry fly opportunities it'd be a good idea to have a few on hand.

Remember that the winter months are all about the bite window. Fish, being cold blooded animals, are at their most active during the warmest part of the day, when water temps reach their peak. The best way to predict this is to keep and eye on the temperature gauges on the USGS, but a good bet would be to focus your efforts in the afternoons, up until the sun dips behind the mountains. 

In the colder temps, its rare to see fish move very far to eat a fly, making nymphs, fished deep and slow through likely holding water the most effective. Frenchies, Girdle Bugs, Caddis Pupa, and more classic patterns like Pheasant Tails and Hare's Ears can all be efficient fished under an indicator, or on a tight line.

We've had decent reports from staff and customers willing to put in the time to bring a fish to the net. It's all about focusing on the stretch of water you have chosen to fish, breaking it up into smaller pieces, and covering the square footage of those pieces thoroughly.  


All rivers are now CATCH AND RELEASE ONLYWhen making plans to fish, stick to the main rivers and keep an eye out for redds. Care taken in the current season will only help fish populations for the seasons to come. 



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