Daily Fishing Report

January 13th, 2023

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Area Overview

Livingston Manor, Friday, Jan.13th,  9 am.

We've had mild conditions on and off since the onset of the winter season, coupled with the occasional arctic blast paired, and up with a snowstorm or two. As of now, the outlook for the next few weeks will see daytime temps remain above freezing for the most part, with rain mixed in, and a bit of snow on the colder days.

Rivers are currently on the rise and should continue to do so as rain falls throughout the day. Keep an eye on the USGS gauges as you make your plans to fish. 

Tailwaters will give you the most consistent fishing this time of year as they harbor the most stable temperatures. Small nymphs like Pheasant Tails, Zebra Midges, and Caddis Pupa have been the most productive. Girdle Bugs and other Stonefly nymphs can also garner attention as they are present in the rivers year round. Nymph rigs should be fished slow and deep. Covering water will be your best bet for success. 


Please be mindful of spawning fish this time of year. 


Beaverkill / Willowemoc Rivers

Small streamers like classic Bucktails and Woolly Buggers are a great option early in the day. The best dry fly activity will be in the late afternoons. 


East Branch of the Delaware River

Small Bwo's and Rusty Spinners are always a good choice here. Keep your leader long and tippet light for the best presentation.


West Branch of the Delaware River

Rising fish will be found in the slower seams, bubble lines, and tailouts. Blue Winged Olives will be the predominant hatch with Iso's and Cahills mixed in.

Main Stem of the Delaware River

Blind casting Iso's and Cahills in the riffles is a great way to find where the fish are holding. Covering water is paramount on the big river. 

Neversink Report

Fishing will be best closest to the dam. Blue Winged Olives, Isos, and Cahills will bring fish to the surface in the late afternoon and evening.