Fly Fishing Lessons


2 hour class that includes the following:
Overview of fishing style
Basic gear review
Casting Mechanics: roll and overhead casts
Fishing techniques: reading the water, fly selection/conditions
Conservation: licenses, catch and release
Water/wading safety

*all gear will be provided

This two hour class is for those interested in learning fly fishing basics as well as those that might need a refresher course. Topics covered during the encounter include an overview of flyfishing designed to give an introduction to the angling sport. From basic gear needed to various casting mechanics such as roll and overhead casts, you will learn techniques and skills needed for fly fishing. To finish you'll end the course with some on the water fishing. Additional information will be provided on aquatic entomology to match the hatch, a well as water/wading safety and conservation practices.

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For those past the basics, looking to improve their luck! This is the choice for you. Find more success on the water by fine tuning your presentation, increasing your proficiency at reading the water and habitat and understanding entomology and trout behavior. Everything it takes to ultimately feed them your fly and get them in your net!

Four hour outing that includes the following: River guide for one to one instruction and support .
Fishing time on river and chance to catch/release fish
Real time advice/coaching in scenarios
This experience is a half day (four hour) outing tailored to your skill level as you engage in fishing for trout in local Catskill streams.
The course details practical application of angling techniques such as fly selection, basics casts and river etiquette.
Time spent with a licensed NY outdoor guide will help answer any questions you might have about angling, as well as provide you with personalized support to fine tune your presentation and angling abilities. Additional information will be provided on water/wading safety and conservation practices.


Encounter: $90 per person
Intermediate: $350 up to 2 people, +$100 for a 3rd

*Note: Fishing licenses are required.

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NY fishing licenses can be purchased here: