Hatch Chart

 Common Name Scientific Name Hatch Begins Hatch Ends
Little Blue Winged Olive Baetis tricaudatus All Season All Season
Little Black Caddis Chimarra species All Season All Season
Little Black Stone Allocapnia and Capnie species Mid Feb Mid March
Early Black Stone Taeniopteryx nivalis Late Feb Late March
Early Brown Stone Strophopteryx fasciata Mid March Early April
Spring Blue Quill (Paralep) Paraleptophlebia adoptiva Mid April Late April
Quill Gordon Epeorus pleuralis Mid April Late April
Hendrickson Ephemerella subvaria Late April Mid May
Grannom Caddis Brachycentrus numerosus and fuliginosus Early May Late May
Sulphur Ephemerella invaria Mid May Late June
March Brown & Gray Fox Maccaffertium vicarium Mid May Late June
Apple Caddis Brachycentrus appalachia Mid May Mid May
Spotted Sedge Caddis Various Hydropsyche and Symphitopsyche species Mid May Mid August
Little Sister Sedge Caddis Cheumatopsyche species Mid May Mid June
Yellow/Golden Stone Acroneuria, Agnetina & Paragnetina species Mid May Late June
Little Sulphur Ephemerella dorothea Late May Late August
Green Drake Ephemera guttulata Late May Early June
Slate Drake Isonychia bicolor Late May Mid October
Dark Blue Sedge Caddis Psilotreta labida and frontalis Late May Mid June
Giant Stone Pteronarcys species Late May Early June
Brown Drake Ephemera silmulans Early June Early June
Green Caddis Rhyacophila lobifera & related species Early June Early August
Blue Winged Olive Drunella cornuta, cornutella Mid June Mid June
Light Cahill Stenacron interpunctatum Mid June Mid July
Cahill (cream & dark) Macaffertium and Stenonema species Mid June Mid Sept
Yellow Drake Ephemera varia Mid June Late July
Pink Lady Epeorus vitreus Mid June Early July
Summer Blue Quill Paraleptophlebia mollis Mid June Mid Sept
Little Green Stone Alloperla imbecilla Mid June Mid August
Yellow Sally Stone Isoperla bilineata Mid June Mid August
Golden Drake Anthopotamus distinctus Late June Early July
Trico Tricorythodes species Mid July Mid Nov
Pale Evening Dun Leucrocuta hebe Early August Late Oct
White Fly Ephoron leukon Mid Aug Early Sept
October Caddis Pycnopsyche scabripennis Early Oct Late Oct