Dyna-King Ultimate Indexer Vise

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Actual design and appearance may vary slightly.

The Ultimate Indexer allows the vise to be rotated to one of 8 positions allowing the epoxy body to partially cure in each stage. Rotating and pausing at the multiple positions will allow the epoxy to jell. The indexing feature is easily adjusted by tightening or loosening the indexing knob as well as the friction screw to create the perfect amount of tension that you may prefer. These two screws work together to establish the ideal feel for the tyer. You may completely disengage the Indexing knob so your vise may spin freely if you’d like.

  • Rotary vise with all of the features of the Barracuda Deluxe and more
  • The 8 adjustment positions at every 45 degrees in a full 360 degree rotation allow for a variety of tying angles combined with easy indexing adjustments
  • Adjustable point at the head and stem allows for changing pitch of the entire head unit
  • Friction screw provides variable adjustability speed as needed for customized smooth rotation
  • Available in base, or c-clamp options