Spawn 60 Degree MICRO Jig Shanks

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At Spawn we constantly strive to bring you products that will improve your fishing experience. Spawn Jig Shanks have already been responsible for some amazing catches around the globe. To advance and enhance that success we gave the Micro Jig Shanks a black nickel finish to reduce glare and visibility. We also used a slightly smaller wire to allow the use of a plethora of hooks, especially those more suited to trout and some smaller species. The neck of the shank has been downsized to pair perfectly with a smaller slotted bead and the eye has also been sized down for a more subtle look. Try the new Spawn Micro Jig Shanks and get bent without the extra calories.

  • Black Nickel Finish
  • 15 mm Length
  • 20 Micro Jig Shanks Per Package