Trout Spey Workshop



We’re excited to have Rick Kustich back at Dette Flies this season!

Rick will be hosting a trout Spey workshop on Saturday, June 8th, right here at the fly shop. This class is designed to familiarize you with the equipment, flies, and techniques essential for light Spey fishing, all within a classroom setting.

Following the instructional session, we'll head out onto the water for a hands-on experience. You'll learn the art of reading water, controlling the fly, and mastering varying presentation techniques. You’ll be able to hone your two-handed casting skills, as well as learn new tips and tricks centered around touch and go, and waterborne anchor casts.      

So, whether you’re just getting started, or well on your way, you’ll leave this workshop with the knowledge and skills to start, or continue your journey in trout Spey fishing!

Classroom Session:

  • Introduction and Overview
    • Equipment and Rigging
    • Rods and reels
    • Fly lines / heads / running line
    • Sink tips / leaders
    • Flies
      • Wet flies / nymphs
      • Streamers
      • Dry flies
      • Techniques
        • Wet fly swing
        • Activating the fly
        • Fishing the surface

        On-Stream Session:

        • Spey casting 
          • Two hand casting
          • Instruction based on participants experience level
          • Waterborne anchor casts
          • Touch and go casts
          • One hand Spey casts
        • Fly presentation
          • Controlling the fly
          • Varying presentation
        Duration: 5 hours
        Cost: $250.00 per student
        Ages: 12 & Up
        All participants will receive $25.00 back in in-store credit upon completion of the class. 
        Instructor: Rick Kustich
        Rick Kustich is a fly-fishing writer, instructor, and guide who began fly-
        fishing fifty years ago on the lakes and streams of upstate New York. His
        work has appeared in numerous national and regional publications. Rick is
        author of Modern Spey Fishing (2023), Hunting Musky with a Fly (2017) and
        Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead (2013) as well as four other
        titles including the best-selling Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead co-
        authored with his brother Jerry. He is featured in the film Spey Daze and is
        the Great Lakes editor for Swing the Fly Magazine. Rick has also spent time
        as a fly-shop owner, travel host, and fly-fishing book publisher and lives in
        Western New York. Find out more on Instagram/Facebook: @rickkustich or