Bonefish Fly Patterns by Dick Brown

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This edition of Bonefish Fly Patterns is the most comprehensive collection of bonefish flies ever published, displaying fly designs from such world-class flats anglers and guides as Winston Moore, Jim Orthwein (four-time bonefish world record holder), Steve Huff, Harry Spear, Rick Ruoff, Del Brown, John Goddard, Barry and Cathy Beck, Lou Tabory, Tim Borski, Bob Clouser, Lefty Kreh, Tom McGuane, Yvon Chouinard, Craig Mathews, Vic Gaspeny, Dave Skok, Eric Peterson, Patrick Dorsey, Aaron Adams, and many, many more.

The book includes 197 full-color photographs—one for each featured pattern, some published here for the first time. Each fly profile is listed with its creator's authentic recipe and tying tips. Also included are tying sequences for important patterns, a discussion of design trends, a materials glossary, and a list of sources for materials, custom flies, and off-the-shelf patterns. Additionally, Dick Brown describes fly selection for various destinations, habitats, and conditions, and advises anglers on how to present flies and what prey they portray.


Dick Brown began chasing bonefish with a fly rod on his first trip to the Bahamas in the late 1970s. Two decades later—after stalking his favorite quarry on saltwater flats around the world—he wrote Fly Fishing for Bonefish, published by Nick Lyons in 1992. The book was immediately dubbed the bible on all things bonefish and hailed by reviewers and angling experts alike for its encyclopedic coverage of this great game fish. A new, all-color, fully revised edition was later released, complete with the latest prey and behavior research, angling techniques, fly patterns, flats destinations, and equipment.

His second book, Bonefish Fly Patterns, features detailed profiles, pattern recipes, and color photos of the best 197 bonefish flies ever created. The first edition of this pattern book became something of a flats fishing and fly-tying cult classic for its comprehensive profiles that showed not only how to tie each fly but how and where to fish them. And the second edition includes 47 more flats flies! The book’s colorful array of fly contributors—which includes some of the world's most experienced flats guides, anglers, and bonefish world record holders—makes it worth reading for their insightful anecdotes alone. These include anglers, guides, and tiers such as Adams, Baine, Bevans, Borski, Boyle, Brewster, Chocklett, Clouser, Cowen, Dorsy, Ebanks, Gaspeny, Glinton, Hall, Haselau, Lambot, Peterson, Simonsen, Skok, Tomchin, Trodella, and Roselione-Valadez.

Today, Dick writes for many fishing, fly-fishing, and outdoor magazines and gives slideshows, tying demonstrations, and how-to clinics at fly-fishing exhibitions, fishing clubs, and fly-fishing retailer events. He lives in Lancaster, MA.