Clip and Flip Magnifier by Carson

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The OD-12 Clip and Flip™ are wearable, hands-free magnifiers that are easy to use and suitable for any angler. With their sturdy, durable clip, the Clip and Flip™ can transform any pair of glasses into magnifying lenses. The clip’s flexibility also allows for the user to easily switch from the magnifier to regular glasses with one quick flip. These agile magnifiers, weighing in at .6 ounces, put no excess weight on the user and can seamlessly be integrated into daily activity. It can also be used by hobbyists, crafters and modelers who wish to have hands free magnification while engaging with their subject. An important tool for anyone who needs to get close with his/her work, the Clip and Flip™ comes with an included protective pouch that allows them to be used with ease anywhere.

1.5x magnifying lenses (equivalent to +2.25 diopter)

1.75x magnifying lenses (equivalent to +3.00 diopters)

2x magnifying lenses (equivalent to +4.00 diopters)