Dette Tactical Euro Fly Line

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Our all new Tactical Euro fly line features a mono core to reduce line sag and increase presentation and sensitivity. The line features a long thin front taper, ideal for various tightline / Euro nymph techniques. At the 25 ft mark, the line adds belly into the taper. This allows for tradition casting, longer presentations and the ability to cast dry flies and wets effectively. The lines are also matched to rod weight to maximize performance and presentation.


  • Welded Loops (front & back)
  • Mono Core
  • 50 to 70 ideal water temps
  • 100ft total length

Due to the thin nature of this line, be sure your leader butt the same thickness or thinner then the line tip diameter. 

 Weight Tip Diameter Grains @ 30ft Grains @ 40ft
3 .019" 100 146
4 .021" 122 188
5 .023" 141 215