Dette / 2 Queens - 1928 Signature Blend Coffee

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For 2 Queens, roasting beans is serious business, but we believe great coffee should be delicious not pretentious. We’ve spent countless hours tasting, experimenting and nerding-out on the science of roasting, so you can enjoy a truly wonderful cup of coffee. Sure, we love talking shop about the nuances of coffee and our commitment to sourcing the best organic, fair trade, sustainable and traceable beans. But our unwavering dedication to craft ultimately drives our true obsession: flavor! It’s what motivates and informs our desire to roast every bean to absolute perfection. What’s our favorite part of roasting? Sharing it with you! Honestly, there’s nothing more rewarding to seeing the pure joy a delicious cup can bring.

The Dette Flies Blend is a medium roast, featuring hints of caramel and almond and is available in whole bean or ground.