Flymen Fish-Skull Baitfish Heads

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The Baitfish Head is a weighted head with a realistic baitfish profile and unique design features that make it a versatile platform for tying a wide variety of streamer patterns. Quick and easy to tie, this groundbreaking innovation in fly tying offers an exciting alternative to using dumbbells or cones to weight your streamers. A set of matching Fish-Skull Living Eyes is included with the heads in your pack.

Quantity per pack: Small (10); Small/Medium, Medium (8); Large (6)


Realistic profile
Designed to mimic the head, eyes, and gill plates of a baitfish, and to push more water than traditional streamers.

Front-fitting design
Quick and easy to use. Simply tie in all materials first, then fit the Baitfish Head from the front.

Fish-Skull® Living Eyes™
Included in a corresponding size and color, these ultra-realistic eyes act as an important trigger for predatory game fish.

Weighted keel
Distributes most of the head’s weight to the bottom of the streamer (like a dumbbell) ensuring it will swim in the correct position. This also allows you to tie with the hook facing either down or up.

Top and bottom slots
Allow vertical freedom of movement for the tying materials so you can tie broader profile streamers and get more natural action from the materials.


Fits hook sizes #8, #6, #4.
Weight: 0.48 grams (0.017 ounces).

Fits hook sizes #4, #2, #1.
Weight: 0.79 grams (0.028 ounces).

Fits hook sizes #2, #1, 1/0.
Weight: 1.26 grams (0.044 ounces).

Fits hook sizes 2/0, 3/0, 4/0.
Weight: 2.46 grams (0.087 ounces).

Note: Baitfish Heads have been sized using standard-length streamer hooks as a reference point. However, due to the wide variance in hook sizes and shapes found between the different hook manufacturers, this only provides general guidance to the hook sizes suitable for each size head. We suggest you experiment to find the optimum hook for the particular streamer pattern you wish to tie.