Aquaseal Repair Aid by Gear Aid

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With Aquaseal by Gear Aid you can easily repair tears and rips in your favorite waders and outdoor gear. Aquaseal is a clear, waterproof adhesive and sealant, specially formulated for the flexibility, adhesion and abrasion protection you need to keep you going.

Don't let a rip or a tear stop you. Aquaseal will patch that hole in your raft, fix the gash in your fishing waders and make sure you stay dry.

Aquaseal is all you need to keep your gear going as long as you do.

Flexible urethane repair adhesive and seam sealer

Industry standard for maximum strength gear repairs

Safe on natural and synthetic fabrics including GORE-TEX, neoprene, rubber and more

Repairs rips, tears, holes in outdoor gear

Specifically formulated to offer superior flexibility as well as excellent adhesion, waterproofing and abrasion resistance with minimal shrinkage

Washable and unaffected by extreme heat or cold

Dries Clear

Moisture cured

Made in USA