HMH Spinner Vise

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The HMH Spinner is already built on the same chassis and standrod system as the HMH Standard and Spartan vises. Now, it has all-stainless steel and brass components for long lasting durability and good looks. And, as an option, we're offering a removable solid brass flywheel for better control on rotational position of the tube during rotary tying.

Adjustable head angle adds a whole new dimension to tube fly design and tying. Silky smooth disc-drag rotation. We give a hard brushing to the raw stainless steel chassis to yield a lustrous and rugged steelhead grey finish. 
The Spinner is still precision machined with exclusive low profile design to give best access to any tube. The Spinner lets you clamp tubes up to 1/8" o.d. directly in the jaws for an immovable hold. Or, use pins to mount tubes.

The Spinner's handle is removable for more precise rotary control. Includes two Premium Mandrels and complete instructions. Pedestal or Clamp.

  • Precision Machined Components
  • Ultra-Smooth 360 Rotary Action
  • Adjustable Head Angle
  • Versatile - Use With or Without Pins
  • Exclusive Disc-Drag Rotary Tension Adjustment
  • Removable Spinner Handle
  • Double Spring Material Clip
  • Powder-Coated Pedestal Base or C-clamp
  • Lifetime Guarantee